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Everyday thousands of people experience something they cannot explain, maybe a bump here or a whisper there but something nonetheless. Fragments of history stay behind, not in the form of buildings, monuments or scripture but in the form of the departed. Whether we choose to believe or not, they are there. And only by eliminating all logical reasoning and explanations can we get closer to the truth. We are Phoenix Paranormal South Africa, a professional paranormal investigative group that helps people of all ages and backgrounds. We use high end electrical equipment to capture evidence of the unknown and only after we have eliminated all logical explanations will we consider the paranormal.
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
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Met die uitbreek van die burgeroorlog in Angola het die inwoners van ’n vissersdorpie op ’n eiland aan die onherbergsame Namibkus alles net so gelos en gevlug. Lees hier hoe dit nou op São Martinho dos Tigres lyk.
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
Phoenix Paranormal South AfricaSaturday, December 29th, 2018 at 10:29am
Place of ritualistic healing, local legend of a "serpent lady" in the water, apparitions of a Victorian era woman in black, disembodied screams heard near the river...

This investigation left us baffled and unnerved..

Moors Castle Investigation.. Coming soon!!
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
Phoenix Paranormal South AfricaWednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 8:24pm
We would like to share some ghost stories out of the book "THEY WALK BY NIGHT" by Eric Rosenthal. All credit goes to the author and if you can get your hands on a copy it's quite a fascinating read.

Ghosts of Cape Town Castle #1

On an evening in July 1947, Corporal M.J Boonzaaier, of the Union Defence Force, received a strange report. He was stationed at the Castle in Cape Town when the guard filed in, saying they had just encountered a ghost. Two of the men, walking round the battlements of South Africa’s oldest building, had come upon a misty something, unmistakably like a man, but nearly eight feet high.

“We tried to surround it by a pincer movement,” said one of them, with a touch of modernity, “when we were staggered to see it step out over one of the ramparts and vanish into space. We looked down about fifty feet into what used to be the moat, but there was nothing more.”

A buzz of conversation arose in the guard-room. Two of the Red-caps, or Military Police, admitted that they too had recently seen the spook and now the Corporal felt it was his duty to make some inquiries on his own.

Accompanied by Lance-Corporal H.S. Botha, Private H.C. Barnard and Private P.D. Holder, he went upstairs and peered into the Cape Town winter night. The men were standing between the well-known Oranje and Leerdam bastions when they again saw something white hovering along the battlements. It passed from one side to the other, being sufficiently luminous to show up against the background of Table Mountain.

The soldiers held a conclave and decided to try out a rational check. One of them said: “Maybe it is somebody trying to fool us by dressing up in a sheet.” “We can make sure of that,” said the Corporal. Back in the guard-room, he told Private Sneygans to take a sheet and do his best to provide a ghostly apparition.

Private Sneygans, like a good soldier, asked no questions, but took up the cloth in one hand and a mirror in the other. This he was told would help him in the delicate task of walking backwards. The stairs were narrow, and Sneygans did not like the chance of meeting the real ghost. However, he walked on and vanished in the shadows, closely observed by his mates.

When he returned in his white cloth, the soldiers greeted him with a horse-laugh. “It’s no good,” they said. “you can’t do it. You don’t even know the beginnings of how to haunt. You aren’t even transparent.”

Becoming serious, they agreed there was no resemblance between the spook who had faded over the battlements and Private Sneygans in his sheet.

This, however, was not the end. On a Saturday evening, one of the troops rushed down into the guard-room with the news: ”It’s here again!” There was a stampede upstairs and they were already at the place in question when – a bell rang vigorously below. “That’s from the guard-room,” exclaimed one man, “and there is nobody there!”
Leaving the battlement, they hurried back. In the words of Edgar Allen Poe: “Here I open wide the door – Darkness there and nothing more.”

By this time Corporal Boonzaaier decided to make a report. The officer on duty scratched his head and passed it on to the Commander of the Castle, who, finding no instructions in the Military Code about how to deal with ghosts, went on with his work.

Three times, at three-day intervals, the spooky happenings were repeated. At three o’clock in the morning, one of the men on guard came from the Leerdam bastion: “I went as cold as ice and then began to sweat like anything. I don’t want to go over that part again at night.” The Military Police received instructions to keep a sharp lookout for practical jokers, but they always returned emptyhanded.

Veterans were reminded of an incident in 1915 when a sentry saw a figure in Eighteenth Century costume leaning against the wall between the Leerdam and Oranje bastions, looking over Darling Street. It was broad daylight, but when the soldier watched him pass a few feet off and disappear before his eyes, his nerves gave in. He ran away and refused to obey orders to return, although threatened with Court Martial.

Cape Town Castle was built in 1665, so that it has had plenty of time to develop ghosts. Even before the famous building was planned, there is a record of what to-day would be classed as psychic phenomenon.
At that time, there was still the mud Fort built by Commander Jan van Riebeeck. I have found the following curious entry in the chronicles. It takes the form of an affidavit dated November 28, 1653, in a Court case.
Surgeon Cornelis was charged with libelling the Captain and Mate of the Galliot Roode Vos and Van Riebeeck ordered an inquiry.

This is what we read: “Surgeon Cornelis has told us: In the first place that the Mate (of Roode Vos) borrowed an inherited New Testament from the gunner, Cornelis Gerretsen; In the second place that Surgeon Cornelis Oldrichsen fetched an inherited key belonging to Surgeon Aryaen to commence his operations; In the third place the Mate read from the said Testament, out of the Gospel of St. John, 1st Chapter, where the words are thus: ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and Word was God.’ Then he struck the said key into the said Testament and asked: ‘Has Cornelis Oldrichsen taken or mislaid my ring? If so, turn thyself round, in God’s name.’
The said Testament again remained immovable.

For the third time the mate said: ‘Has Albert Cornelissen Kes taken or mislaid my ring? If so, turn thyself round in God’s name.’ And then the said Testament turned round of itself. The Surgeon, becoming frightened, said: ‘Mate, has this not been done by your own will?’ And he did it over again and said: ‘Look well!’ and then repeated the words mentioned and the book turned again.

Then the surgeon said: ‘I wish for a rixdollar that I had not seen it’ The Mate answered: ‘You see who has been pointed out, but who dares to believe it.’ These are the words which Surgeon Cornelis spoke to us, as witnesses show”

This happened a little over a year after the first white man settled in Table Bay and as far as I know, is the first reference to anything supernormal in the history of South Africa.
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
Phoenix Paranormal South AfricaFriday, November 2nd, 2018 at 5:41am
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Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
The old jail investigation
The Phoenix team joined the third annual world largest ghost hunt. Heidelberg, Old jail has stood since 1888 and is used for tours and events.Perfectly prese...
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
Phoenix Paranormal South AfricaWednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 7:06am

Herewith our vid of our investigation at the Old Jail in Heidelberg, whereby we participated in the 3rd Annual, World's Largest Ghost Hunt!!

Enjoy and please remember to like & share 🎃💀😈👽🧟‍♂️
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa
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Any ghost hunter's dream location ..

Situated 100km’s from Durban, majestically overlooking the Indian Ocean, you will find this monumental convent, sadly void and hidden amongst the brushes like a lost treasure.

St Elmo’s was erected in stages as from 1918 until 1939 as a Catholic convent which was used as a retreat for the nuns of the Third Order of St Dominic as well as a remedial school for children with learning disabilities. The Convent was forced to close down in 1994 due to the cut of government subsidies to institutions of such a nature.

The name of St. Elmo is attributed to an Italian derivation of Saint Elmo or St. Erasmus (circa 300 A.D.), the patron saint of the early Mediterranean sailors challenging the powers of storm and sea in small sailing vessels. Legend records that when a blue light appears at mastheads before and after a storm, the seamen took it as a sign of Erasmus’s protection. This was known as "St. Elmo's fire." St. Elmo's fire has long served as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors and the Towers of the Cathedral of St Elmos can be seen by passing ships and boats from far.

The architecture of the church on St Elmos is typical of a historic floor plan of medieval times of the Catholic religion, even if the Church was only built in the last century. The layout is like a cross which means it became necessary to increase the space near the chancel which is situated at the top end of the cross with two side wings to accommodate large numbers of clergy, the choirs, or members of religious orders.

It was forced to close in 1994 due to the cut in government subsidies to institutions of such a nature. If you now visit this statuesque, rather spooky-looking building, you will find it in a dilapidated state in most places. . Almost every window is broken, most of the Oregon pine flooring had been lifted and the building itself was stripped and ironically, someone had written on a dusty window the words: ‘God restore this place’.

As with most uninhabited, desolate buildings, it also comes with its own hauntings – which may be the reason why locals are cautious to enter this building alone..
Allegedly, the place is possessed by the spirits of a former priest & nun who refuses to leave the building. When you do enter at night, you will be confronted with unexplainable footsteps, unseen objects falling and heavy breathing.

When a couple of friends dared to venture to the convent a couple of years ago, they stood before a closed door, and when they entered the room it suddenly turned very cold, as every hair on the back of their neck stood up. They immediately left. It is also believed that a spirit of a child still haunts the grounds..

They have tried to sell the place before at an auction, however to this day it still stands unoccupied. They say that the selling price is too high (although property developers believes that the building has loads of potential to turn it into a hotel, boarding school or health care facility), but it is also rumored that people are too scared to buy it..

(📷: St Elmo's Convent KZN (fb) & Lost at Sea)

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