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Charmaine Roos

Arno is a original founder of Phoenix Paranormal South Africa. Crazed with the unexplored field of the paranormal in South Africa, I knew I needed to broaden my knowledge on this, and at the same time, create awareness for all of the unexplained phenomena to the people of South Africa.  I have been actively involved in paranormal investigation & research since 2013, and my work has been published in various newspapers and online magazines.

Paranormal Investigations are not solely dependent on the use of modern ghost hunting equipment, but rather the ghost hunter’s approach and logic.

Arno du Toit

Arno is a original founder of Phoenix Paranormal South Africa. After multiple paranormal experiences he still questions all evidence captured and tries to either replicate or eliminate possible causes so that all that is left is the unknown.

Only after eliminating all logical reasoning & all other possible scenarios can we start to explore the supernatural.

Wynand van Zyl

Juanita Botha

Dave De Burgh


Having been brought up Catholic, Dave had believed in ghosts or spirits, in angels Nd demons, and in the existence of the soul - but the seed to begin finding out more about the paranormal was planted one evening when his girlfriend's deceased grandmother checked in on him.

One day technology and breakthroughs in science will fully reveal the hidden realms of the paranormal, and it'll all be infinitely stranger than what we think it is now.

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